ABORYM: With No Human Intervention CD


ABORYM: With No Human Intervention CD

Earning a swathe of positive reviews upon release, With No Human Intervention is probably Aborym’s best known album and, like its predecessor, 2001’s Fire Walk With Me, is a fine example of the industrial black metal subgenre. The core songs are actually less obviously mechanically dominated than that description might infer, the band generally using electronic beats, samples and processed vocals to add a cold ruthlessness to the atmosphere without significantly altering the black metal core. Even in terms of the drum machine, there are only periodic deviations from the norm in the metallic tracks, the band instead opting for an exaggerated take on traditional blasting, thus contrasting with the more obviously groovy and techno-inspired rhythms of Mysticum or Blacklodge. Likewise, the guitars here are in fine second wave black metal tradition, with long, bitter riffs dominating.

The album does devote entire tracks to electronica and experimentation however, with numbers such as ‘Chernobyl Generation’, ‘Does Not Compute’ and the aptly-named ‘Automatik Rave'olution Aborym’ reflecting the industrial/EBM strains of the period. Likewise, there are nods to the more symphonic, carnivalesque (Arcturus-esque?) sounds of the debut album on songs such as ‘Humecanics-Virus’, ‘The Triumph’ and ‘Digital Goat Masque’. The line-up here is obviously notable from a historical perspective, with Malfeitor Fabban and Nysrok joined by Set Teitan (Dissection, Aborym) on guitars and sampling, and Attila of Tormentor and Mayhem on vocals, plus guest appearances by Faust, Nattefrost and Mick Kenny amongst others. With such personnel, it’s perhaps to be expected that the level of quality is consistently high, and the whole record is so intense and unapologetically eccentric that it’s hard not to be impressed – even if it doesn’t sound quite as futuristic as it did 20 years ago.

1. Antichristian Codec
2. With No Human Intervention
3. U.V. Impaler
4. Humechanics-Virus
5. Does Not Compute
6. Faustian Spirit of the Earth
7. Digital Goat Masque
8. The Triumph
9. Black Hole Spell
10. Me(n)tal Striken Terror Action 2
11. Out of Shell
12. Chernobyl Generation
13. The Alienation of a Blackened Heart
14. Automatik Rave'olution Aboryma


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