BEASTCRAFT / BLACK ALTAR: split album LP (180g vinyl, gatefoled with poster, limited to 250 copies)


BEASTCRAFT / BLACK ALTAR: Occult Ceremonial Rites / Winds Ov Decay

(180g vinyl with poster, limited to 250 copies)

The cult Polish black metal outfit Black Altar joins forces with Norway's Beastcraft for a memorable collaborative full-length album. An excellent introduction to both bands and a nicely produced album with 180g vinyl, gatefold sleeve and poster.

1. Black Altar - Intro 
2. Black Altar - Tophet 
3. Black Altar - Winds ov Decay 
4. Black Altar - Pentagram Sacrifice (Beastcraft cover)
5. Black Altar - Outro 
6. Black Altar - Tophet (industralized by PreEmptive Strike 0.1) 
7. Beastcraft - In the Hour of the Horns 
8. Beastcraft - Deathcraft & Necromancy 
9. Beastcraft - Blackwinged Messiah 
10. Beastcraft - Burnt at His Altar (live) 
11. Beastcraft - Ressurection Through Desecration and Churchfires  
12. Beastcraft - Thy Glory


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