BOLT THROWER: In Battle There Is No Law! CD (Vinyl Solution edition, *not* reissue, unplayed)


BOLT THROWER: In Battle There Is No Law! CD (Vinyl Solution edition)

Please note: These are untouched, unplayed Vinyl Solution versions of the CD, not the Russian version found cheaper online and although a little more expensive than our normal CDs, they command much higher prices on Ebay etc. Currently out of print on all formats.

Bolt Thrower should need absolutely no introduction, being one of the most vital bands from the UK grindcore/death metal explosion of the late 80s and early 90s. Unlike many of their peers, the band continued well into the 2000s and never released a bad album in that time.

In Battle There Is No Law! is without doubt the band's rarest release, their debut album released in 1988, a full year ahead of the better known 'Realm Of Chaos'. This classic is even more raw and violent than that masterpiece and is Bolt Thrower at their most stripped down and extreme.

Bolt Thrower are interviewed at length in the second issue of 'Crypt', also available at this store. 

1. In Battle There Is No Law 
2. Challenge for Power 
3. Forgotten Existence 
4. Denial of Destiny 
5. Blind to Defeat 
6. Concession of Pain 
7. Attack in the Aftermath 
8. Psychological Warfare 
9. Nuclear Annihilation


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