MYSTICUM: In The Streams Of Inferno LP (remastered with bonus tracks, 180g white vinyl)


MYSTICUM: In The Streams Of Inferno LP (remastered with bonus tracks, 180g white vinyl)

Remastered and with printed inner sleeve with photos and lyrics.

Superb vinyl release of the 1996 masterpiece by the gods of industrial black metal, Norway's MYSTICUM. Featuring new artwork and given the remastered sound that it long deserved, this is an absolute must own. Comes with two fantastic bonus tracks, originally released on a compilation and split 7 inch respectively.

Mysticum are interviewed in the 'Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult' and 'Cult Never Dies: The Mega Zine' books, also available at this store.

Another groundbreaking band, both musically and aesthetically, Mysticum brashly burst forth from a movement still largely defined by medieval imagery, analogue, folklore and historic themes, and thrilled and appalled in equal measure with industrial visuals, references to modern narcotics and a use of electronic percussion directly inspired by hardcore techno. While the group’s demos would hint at the brilliance to come, it was this Streams use of samplers and mechanical beats that truly put the band on the map and accidentally kick-started the entire industrial black metal genre.

The album’s visceral power remains undeniable, harnessing a unique combination of chaos and focus. The linear but multi-layered compositions are a demonic and otherworldly mass of guitar, bass, eerie keyboards and utterly incomparable vocals, all kept in line and driven ever-forward by the industrial pummelling. Aptly, given that the members’ main influences were apparently Satanism and hard drugs, the result is an intense assault on the senses that is as utterly dark, furious and unbalanced as it is euphoric and transcendental. Even it’s one flaw – the notably flat production – has now been remedied by the excellent remastering job on this 2013 rerelease.

1. Industries Of Inferno
2. The Rest
3. Kingdom Comes
4. Wintermass
5. Crypt Of Fear
6. Where The Raven Flies
7. In Your Grave
8. In The Last Of The Ruins We Search For A New Planet

9. Eriaminell
10. Black Magic Mushrooms

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