NIGHTBRINGER: Hierophany of the Open Grave CD (acclaimed US / international black metal)


NIGHTBRINGER: Hierophany of the Open Grave CD

Created as a conduit for contemplations on the mysteries of death as it is understood in the tradition of the magical arts, Nightbringer were formed at the very tail end of the 1990s in the US. Despite being based in North America they boast an international line-up and have continued to offer truly compelling interpretations on second wave, Scandinavian-inspired black metal.

The band features members of Akhlys, Bestia Arcana, Demoncy, Sargeist, Enthroned and more. This is their 2011 opus Hierophany of the Open Grave, their third album, an immersive and much celebrated black metal ritual.

1. Rite of the Slaying Tongue 
2. Eater of the Black Lead 
3. Psychagogoi 
4. Lucifer Trismegistus 
5. The Gnosis of Inhumation 
6. The Angel of Smokeless Fire 
7. Dreaming Above the Sepulcher 
8. Via Tortuosa
9. Old Night


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