The first sequel to Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult!

300 pages and over 150 photos, many previously unpublished. Features exclusive and definitive interviews with:

Satyricon, Manes, Kampfar, Solefald, Wardruna/Jotunspur/Gorgoroth, Xantotol, Arkona, Mastiphal, Evilfeast, Mgła/Kriegsmaschine, Strid, Silencer, Bethlehem, Forgotten Tomb and Total Negation and a chapter on the art of Theodor Kittelsen

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 In 2015 Dayal Patterson presents Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies Volume One, the first of a series of books examining in even greater depth this worldwide phenomenon. Comprised entirely of exclusive interviews, many with artists who have never spoken about their careers before, this tome begins the project by examining three facets of the genre in detail, returning to the subject of Norwegian Black Metal, discussing Polish Black Metal and telling the story of the subgenre of Depressive/Suicidal Black Metal.





“Giving interviews is not my absolute favorite thing in the world but I always feel very assured that my answers are in safe hands and that the outcome will be as good as it can when doing an interview with Dayal. He is a reflected and observant man and he has an artistic, sharp and clever style of writing"



The Black Metal scene needed this book. Dayal Patterson’s TITANIC work collects all the materials and interviews under one flag; ‘Cult Never Dies’. This is the testimony of OUR existence.”



“Throughout my 20 years with Kampfar I’ve done hundreds of interviews with everything from hobby journalists to professional full time journalists. I’ve even done some interviews with authors who would like some help with some informative pieces they would have in place, in relation to particular Norwegian black metal anno early nineties etc. Very often these interviews are very similar and without any depth unfortunately.

When I met Dayal the first time it was way before it all had begun with his first book Evolution of the Cult. Even back then I noticed early on that Dayal had more than just the great strength in his written word. He also had a ‘wonderful’ knowledge of black metal. No journalist or author has ever gotten me to go so in depth or divulge so much of Kampfar as he. He got me to speak of things I just only revealed my closest friends before. And now its too late to regret that I revealed this too Dayal too.”



“In the latest years I often detest to reply to interviews since they’re usually very boring and it seems like writers do not really know the band that well, resulting in stupid or boring questions. It was the actual opposite with Dayal, since all the questions were challenging and gave me a chance to finally speak my mind about several points in the history of my band. The way the whole chapter was put together is very entertaining, honest and exhaustive. If someone wants to know more about Forgotten Tomb this is certainly the proper way to do it.”



“Dayal is asking the right questions and definitely has a hand for weaving it all together tastefully.”



“Dunno, Dayal is one of these few persons who’s tickling out this kind of information you basically never would speak about in public. And won’t give you the feeling of using these informations for just sensational reasons. In 24 years I only met one or two interviewers who have taken things absolutely serious. Otherwise I never would have drawn such an intense picture of Bethlehem which basically never was drawn before. Furthermore Dayal is an excellent writer who has overworked my lame English into something pretty much meaningful which exactly is reflecting my original thoughts about it. Such intense drawings won’t be repeated anyways because privacy should not be shared with the entire world I reckon. This more is for the mainstream and yellow press. Therefore people, enjoy if you can.”

Jürgen Bartsch (BETHLEHEM)


“It is a great honor and pleasure to be part of a project that documents the history of black metal scene . Admiration of the work of those who volunteer their time to document a history that without their involvement will be forgotten.”



“Dayal’s previous book ‘Evolution of the Cult’ was amazing, and is the definitive guide to the origins of black metal... so when he wanted to include a more in-depth feature on Manes in his new book ‘The Cult Never Dies’, both me and Sargatanas were of course ready to answer all his questions. Now, after proof-reading the Manes chapter, I can’t wait to read the rest of the book! it will be just as great as his previous effort, no doubt!’

Cernunnus (MANES)

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