SATAN SUPERSTAR book (Satanism & occult in film, music, art & culture). *signed*


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SATAN SUPERSTAR book (signed by author)

A rollercoaster exploration of the occult, witchcraft, Satanism and esoteric religion in music, film, TV, literature, photography, art, and belief. SATAN SUPERSTAR delves deep into the world of occult obsession and diabolical entertainment – from Satanic Panic to Satanic Celebration. With incisive writing and commentary from leading experts, practitioners and critics, SATAN SUPERSTAR is entertaining, informative and provocative. Contains female nudity.

Edited by David Flint and published by The Reprobate Press in a limited edition of 666 copies. A5. 240 pages.


• Satan Calling 
• Hymn of the Satanic Empire: The Church of Satan interview
• Dog-Fearing: The Rise and Fall of St Guinefort
• The Black Velvet Underground: Satanism and the occult in 1970s made-for-TV movies 
• Gerald Gardner: the first naked witch? 
• Sigil Magik
• Delectable Misdeeds: the scandalous Madame Chantelouve and ‘The Damned’
• Dennis Wheatley and All His Works: the curious career of Britain’s most popular occult novelist 
• Golden Idol: how my experiences in the Orthodox Church led to self-reverence, self-determination and self-emancipation 
• Heaven Shall Burn When We Are Gathered: Blackhearts and the international Black metal underground 
• Satanic Mojo Manifesto 
• The satanic reformation: The satanicv temple, the Westboro Baptist Church and the art of protest 
• Into the Occult 
• If Needs Must, The Devil Drives: the story of the Satanic Sluts and Black Mass      • The Golden Age of grotesque: the occult photography of William Mortensen          • Holy Orgasms: Divine Interventions and their religious sex toys 
• Fun is the Law: the magical world of the Partridge Family Temple 
• Adventures in demonology: the strange world of the occultist instructional LP  
• The Life and Death of Peter Solheim 
• Walpurgis: The Satanic sabbat in art 
• The Nikolas Schreck Files
• The Witches: pulp fiction folk horror from the 1980s
• It’s Always the Quiet Ones: tridents and hoedows in country music 
• Some Very British satanists: The Church of Rational Satanism
• From Witchcraft to Christ: Doreen irvine and the birth of the British Satanic Panic  • They Sold Their Souls for Rock ‘n’ Roll: A Satanic Rock Top ten 





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