SICULICIDIUM: Az Alámerülés Lárvái CD


SICULICIDIUM: Az Alámerülés Lárvái CD

Romania's Siculicidium play embittered and rousing black metal with music that nods to such diverse bands as Dissection, Inquisition,Loits, Drudkh and Tormentor (with touches of Attila Csihar in the vocal delivery). Thoroughly unpolished yet with stirring melodies and riffs. And here we must quote the memorable label statement...

"7 long years gone after the 2nd album, „Az alámerülés lárvái” is finally out, there for all of you and if you thought you were going to hear „rougher, darker and more deep music” then you are right! Being the forefathers of the real Transylvanian Black Metal, the guys felt there was no need to stick to a music style which has lately degenerated into a commercial and mass orientated trend.

Az alámerülés lárvái (The larvae of the submergence) is a special concept album, an insane story, a neverending journey in the tartarean world and beyond, the oath has been made and you need to respect the deal,  performed by: Pestifer & Lugosi

The concept album can be interpretated on lots of different levels, you got only the music, the Hungarian lyrics and the outstanding artwork (by Juha Vuorma), the rest of the homework you can do by yourself. If you do not give a flying fuck about the story, not a problem, without any mambo jambo you can just listen this great, true Black Metal record!

So, what the band asks you to do is to listen to their music with an open mind and with the right spirit, without trying to relate it to the present day trends and ass kissing attitude! But be sure that if you fail to understand their deep message, they won’t give a damn! You wanted the Transylvanian kultur terrorists back: here they are!"

1. Elővigyázatosság (Alertness)
2. A kút kávája (The Ledge of the Well)
3. Elidegenedés - tagadás (Alienation – Denial)
4. Alvilági szárnyalás (Tartarean Wing)
5. Leírhatatlan gonoszságok (Indescribable Evilness)
6. Lárvabőr (Larval Skin)
7. Az alámerülés (The Submergence)


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