PROFEZIA: Black Misanthropic Elite - Moon Anthem CD A5 digipack (sealed, very raw black metal)


PROFEZIA: Black Misanthropic Elite - Moon Anthem CD A5 digipack

Extremely cold and uncompromising black metal from Italy with relentless mid-paced bombardments, bleak riffs, occasional synth and tortured vocals. Originally released in 2008, this is the band's raw debut album rereleased on large A5 digipack and is for fans of such furious and single-minded acts as Ildjarn and early Burzum. Features members of Abhor, Tenebrae In Perpetuum and Beatrik.

1. Overture Psalm 
2. Poem for the... 
3. Under a Pale Veil of Unconciousness - Reckless  
4. Interlude 
5. Hatred 
6. Black Misanthropic Elite 
7. Bewitched 
8. Hungering

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