ILDJARN: 1992-1995 CD digibook (sealed)


ILDJARN: 1992-1995 CD digibook (sealed)

Black metal at its most minimal and uncompromising, this collection showcases the very early years of Norwegian legend Ildjarn (ex-Thou Shalt Suffer/Emperor) with over an hour of harsh, primitive and trance-inducing aural violence. Comes housed in a high quality digipack from Archivist.

1. Intro
2. Dark December  
3. Kronet  
4. Strength & Anger 1
5. Himmelen svartner
6. Der det skjulte lever
7. Whispering Breeze
8. Inanimate
9. Mørket slynger seg
10. Skogrommet
11. Blackened Might
12. Strength & Anger 2
13. Dead Years
14. Taakeheim  
15. Chill of the Night (Returning)
16. Strength & Anger 3
17. Skogssvinet
18. Visions of the Earth (2nd Returning)  
19. The Blade Flares in Red Light
20. Utsyn 3  
21. Svarte fjell
22. Away with the Dawn
23. Utsyn 6  
24. Clashing of Swords  
25. Et glimt
26. Cold and Waste
27. Tildekket og kald
28. Krigere

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