KRIEG: Sono Lo Scherno CD


KRIEG: Sono Lo Scherno CD

Recorded between 1998 and 1999 “Sono Lo Scherno” is a harsh and unsettling journey through the ravages of the scourge of the medieval world: the black plague. Fans of Krieg’s newer works may not recognize the early sound of the band which was built upon sonic aggression, ambient pieces, samples and layer upon layer of caustic vocals. This is a document of the American black metal scene in its growing pains, a brash scene unconcerned with the more nuanced takes their European counterparts had constructed and long before bands were more concerned with their haircuts and advertising deals than the core tenets of black metal.

Unable to find anyone willing to release something this strange yet furious the record was shelved until Battle Kommand Records released it on CD in 2005 when it still perplexed people more familiar with Krieg’s post “The Black House” progression. Now over a decade after its release Inferna Profundus is going back into the tombs to dust off and reintroduce this record to the light of day.
This reissue features new texts on the conception of the record as well as new packaging. Nothing from the original masters has been touched to preserve the atmosphere and intent present when this record was painfully birthed.

1. Seven Plagues, Seven Houses 
2. Knights of the Holocaust 
3. Fallen One 
4. Slit Their Throats to the Spine 
5. Hallucinations in the Withered Eden  
6. Ruin Under the Burning Skies  
7. Maelstrom  
8. Plague Waltz 
9. Power of Darkness (Nunslaughter cover) 
10. Shadows of the Fallen Kingdom 
11. Blackash Snowfall 
12. Hypnotic Decay

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