PROFANATICA: The Enemy Of Virtue 2CD digibook


PROFANATICA: The Enemy Of Virtue 2CD digibook


Profanatica were one of the very first generation of North American black metal bands and made a name for themselves in the early to mid 90s thanks to their primitive, blasphemous, raw and unhinged assault, drawing comparisons to Beherit, VON, Blasphemy, Incantation, Sarcófago, Impaled Nazarene and more.
Over 30 songs spread over 2 CDs and housed in a luxurious digibook.
This collection features all the bands early and rare discography, and the tracks are taken from:
- Putrescence Of..." demo 1990
- "Broken Throne of Christ" demo 1990
- "Weeping In Heaven" 7" EP 1991
- "Tormenting Holy Flesh" split with MASACRE 1992
- Final studio sessions 1992 (previously unreleased)

Disc 2:
- 2 songs from a 2002 single
- 'Passion of a Liar' Previously only released in mp3 form
- 4 tracks from an unreleased rehearsal of Toten (80s band that became Profanatica)
- 6 tracks live at 'Connections' (July 2001)


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