BAL-SAGOTH: Battle Magic CD (2016 remastered reissue, sealed)


BAL-SAGOTH: Battle Magic CD

(Remastered reissue with revised text and illustrations, released by Cacophonous in 2016.)

Bal Sagoth's third album from 1998 represents another fairly sizeable leap in terms of atmosphere and songwriting, with a more synth-heavy and brassy sound and more melodic heavy metal influences. A favourite for many of the band's fans, this remastered/redesigned edition from 2016 features new artwork, as well as including the original cover art for those who want to turn the booklet round and the clock back.

Bal-Sagoth are interviewed at length in the book 'Cult Never Dies: The Mega Zine', also available at this store.

1. Battle Magic 
2. Naked Steel (The Warrior's Saga) 
3. A Tale from the Deep Woods 
4. Return to the Praesidium of Ys 
5. Crystal Shards 
6. The Dark Liege of Chaos Is Unleashed at the Ensorcelled Shrine of A'zura Kai (The Splendour of a Thousand Swords Gleaming Beneath the Blazon of the Hyperborean Empire: Part II)  
7. When Rides the Scion of the Storms
8. Blood Slakes the Sand at the Circus Maximus
9. Thwarted by the Dark (Blade of the Vampyre Hunter)
10. And Atlantis Falls...

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