FOREFATHER: Ours Is The Kingdom CD (reissue, remastered, includes bonus track)


FOREFATHER: Ours Is The Kingdom CD (reissue, remastered, includes bonus track)

English brothers Forefather surfaced in the late 90s with a highly melodic and rousing sound that married second wave black metal aggression with Viking metal heroics and Anglo-Saxon themes and lyrics. The band were far ahead of their time and would end up providing direct inspiration for bands such as Winterfylleth and Wodensthrone, while nevertheless always remaining somewhat hermetic and apart from the rest of the scene.

For fans of Falkenbach, Bathory etc.

This is their 4th album, from 2004, and completes what could be considered something of a trilogy in style. Big rousing and atmospheric songs are once again the order of the day, but a more furious and fast-paced assault compliments the stirring melodies and black metal vocals accompany the clean singing.  This version features a bonus song and liner notes and is remastered, with a much fuller and more formidable sound.

1. The Shield-Wall 
2. Ours Is the Kingdom 
3. Proud to Be Proud 
4. The Golden Dragon 
5. Smashed by Fate 
6. The Sea-Kings 
7. To the Mountains They Fled 
8. The Folk That Time Forgot 
9. Threads of Time 
10. Keep Marching On
11. Rebel of the Marshlands 
12. Wudugast  
13. Fighters of the Angelcynn (bonus song)


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