NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION: Tides Of Despair CD digipack (sealed)


NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION: Tides Of Despair CD digipack (sealed)

Hailing from the city of Grenoble at the foot of the Rhône-Alpes mountains in south eastern France, Nocturnal Depression surfaced early in the new millennium and soon built a name for themselves with a series of album-length demo releases, issuing their official debut album Nostalgia - Fragments Of A Broken Past in 2006.

Atmospheric, minimal, deeply melancholic, hypnotically repetitious and sometimes on the apparent brink of falling apart altogether, their unapologetically unpolished material captured the feeling of defeat and sorrow in apt fashion, winning many converts in the underground in the process.

This is the band's most recent album, released in late 2019.

Nocturnal Depression are interviewed at length in the book 'Black Metal: Into The Abyss', also available at this store.

1. Drowning Myself 
2. Tides of Despair 
3. Living in a Mass Grave 
4. Solitude and Despair Again
5. Slit My Wrists 
6. Farewell Letter 
7. Muse of Suicide 
8. Reveries


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