OTARGOS: Apex Terror CD digipack (sealed)


OTARGOS: Apex Terror CD digipack (sealed)

2013 opus from the French outfit and one of their best works. A technical yet dynamic and ferocious assault made all the more devastating due to its powerful production, the songs harnessing catchy and subtly-stirring guitar work as well as more rhythmic and atonal passages.

There’s a heavy dose of the dry black metal of their earlier works, but this owes as much to the blackened death of Behemoth and Immolation, the aggressive barrage retaining a crucial amount of atmosphere and occasion.

1. Apex Terror 
2. Fleshless-Deathless 
3. For Terra 
4. Remnant from a Long-Dead Star 
5. Fallout 
6. Xeno 
7. Drone 
8. Aftermath Hyperion 
9. Versus


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[Item type: Black metal CD / Gothic metal CD]