IMPALED NAZARENE: Ugra Karma LP (ltd. edition black/orange swirl 180g vinyl, gatefold sleeve with metallic logo & text)



Special reissue, transparent black/orange swirl 180g vinyl with gatefold sleeve and metallic embossed text, plus paper inner sleeve and PVC overbag. Limited to 500 copies, superb edition from Osmose. 

This is the Finnish maniacs’ second full-length album and though they have produced many strong records in the years since, their music arguably edged out of black metal’s perimeters soon after this release. By any measure, Ugra Karma is a highlight in the band’s discography in any case, as well as one of the band’s boldest and most spirited releases. In fact, though the stylistic similarities are limited, comparisons can definitely be made with Drawing Down The Moon by their countrymen Beherit in that the music here is violent and stripped down to the point of entering avant-garde and experimental territories. 

The one-minute opening track ‘Goatzied’ sets the tone perfectly, cutting between blasting black metal/grindcore and slow and ceremonial pounding complete with synth choir voices. A similar level of intensity – and insanity – oozes from the rest of the material here. In many ways the album is a gloriously one-dimensional masterpiece, an almost unrelenting blitzkrieg of linear riffs, machine gun drumming, blasphemy and sublimely vitriolic vocals ­– some of frontman Mika Luttinen’s finest. Notably less primitive and bestial than the debut album, it is also arguably less frantic, with longer, slower and more memorable riffs riding atop the high paced percussion, even including the odd slower and more melodic moment amongst the carnage. Despite the punk and grind overtones, this still has a decidedly black metal ambience, though the drum machine driven ‘Gott Ist Tot (Antichrist War Mix)’ hints at Mika’s later industrial side projects, while songs such as ‘Soul Rape’ and ‘Kali-Yuga’ are effective nods to the more Motörhead inspired feel of later offerings.

1. Goatzied 
2. The Horny and the Horned 
3. Sadhu Satana 
4. Chaosgoat Law 
5. Hate 
6. Gott ist tot (Antichrist War Mix) 
7. Coraxo 
8. Soul Rape 
9. Kali-Yuga 
10. Cyberchrist 
11. False Jéhova
12. Sadistic 666 / Under a Golden Shower



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