SIGH: Eastern Darkness 2LP (early 90s rarities collection, double vinyl, gatefold sleeve)


SIGH: Eastern Darkness 2LP

(early 90s rarities collection, double vinyl, gatefold sleeve)

A superb collection of rarities by Japan's mighty pioneers Sigh. This double LP collection features the Desolation demo (1990), Tragedies demo (1990), Requiem For Fools EP (1992), a track from the Far East Gate in Inferno compilation (1994), their split EP with Kawir (1994), plus 4 extra rare recordings (1995-1996) and To Hell and Back - Sigh's Tribute to Venom from 1995.

LP 1:
1. Weakness Within 
2. Desolation of my Mind 
3. Mentally Numb 
4. Death Throes 
5. Sigh 
6. Mentally Numb 
7. Desolation of my Mind 
8. The Knell 
9. Desolation 
10. Taste Defeat 
11. The Zombie Terror  

1. Suicidogenic 
2. Schizo (Venom cover) 
3. Carnage (Mayhem cover) 
4. The Seven Gates of Hell (Venom cover) 
5. Black Metal (Venom cover) 
6. The Shadowking 
7. Black Metal (Venom cover) 
8. The Seven Gates of Hell (Venom cover) 
9. Schizo (Venom cover) 
10. Welcome to Hell (Venom cover) 
11. Poison (Venom cover) 
12. Witching Hour (Venom cover)


Tracks 1-3: Desolation (demo 1990)
Tracks 4-7: Tragedies (demo 1990)
Tracks 8-10: Requiem For Fools EP (1992)
Track 11 from Far East Gate in Inferno compilation (1994)

Tracks 1-2 from split EP with Kawir (1994)
Tracks 3-6: Rare Recordings (1995-1996)
Tracks 7-12: To Hell and Back - Sigh's Tribute to Venom (1995)


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