TRIVAX: Eloah Burns Out double LP (2 x black vinyl, insert, black metal released by Cult Never Dies)


TRIVAX: Eloah Burns Out double LP

(2 x black vinyl, insert, black metal released by Cult Never Dies)


"TRIVAX is an oasis in the desert of mediocrity of today's extreme metal scene. They shape their own identity combining the past and the present. Surely a band to watch out for in the future."

The Magus (Necromantia, Youth Iriya, The Magus)

"Straight out of the gates, this album is a visceral, caustic and electrifying lesson in Black/Death Metal. The distilled sounds of resistance and revenge all come together in a sonic attack worthy of the masters in the style. Don’t miss out on this one!"

Chris Naughtone (Winterfylleth, Ard, Atavist)
Behold! This September, Trivax unleashes a masterpiece of Eastern Death Magick, in the form of ‘Eloah Burns Out’ - the long-awaited second album and their first full-length recording since their debut LP in 2016.

Totalling 50 minutes, this monumental death-themed opus is the band’s most bold, sophisticated and high-quality work yet, showcasing the their monumental sonic evolution as well as a total conviction towards their craft and vision.

Formed by guitarist and vocalist Shayan, TRIVAX began life in the late 2000s in the unlikely location of Iran, a country whose laws regarding music – and especially black metal – have led to punishment, imprisonment and even death. Relocating to the UK, Shayan found a like-minded ally in bassist Sully, who had similarly left Syria due to facing jail for his metal associations. Completing this power trio was talented British native M. Croton, a drummer with many years of experience under his belt.

Following the 2022 EP The Serpent’s Gaze, this is the second Trivax release by Cult Never Dies. Eloah Burns Out features guest appearances from Wraath (Behexen, One Tail One Head, Beyond Man), Naut (Winterfylleth, Necronautical) and J.Wilcox (Funeral Throne, Master’s Call) and was created in the UK, Norway and Iran.

For fans of: Dissection, Bolzer, Watain, Celtic Frost, Melechesh and Behexen.

Released on limited double LP, CD and cassette on 29th September 2023.


1. Azrael
2. Alpha Predator

3. Silent Contemplation
4. The Serpent's Gaze

5. Against All Opposition (By Aeshma's Wrath)
6. Memento Mori
7. Twilight of Death

8. در آخر دنیا


"From the very first seconds on "Eloah Burns Out", TRIVAX captivate the listener’s attention with their speedy and highly intensive atmosphere, yet without losing sense of dynamics in their song structures. Here, the values of heavy metal are honoured through a really clever, classy and last but not least, metal riffmanship."

D.G. (Misthyrming, Sól án Varma, ex-Drottinn)

"Worlds open and worlds truly collide. It is with great pride I can say I contributed and inspired on the forthcoming Trivax album. Some songs just strike you instant, and "The Serpent's Gaze" is one of those. Be sure to support these Satans from the south!"

Wraath (Darvaza, Ritual Death, Fides Inversa, Beyond Man, Behexen, ex-One Tail One Head, ex-Whoredom Rife, ex-Celestial Bloodshed)





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